Ophthalmic technology

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Professional Introduction:
       The eyes are the Windows to the soul。In modern life, people use their eyes too much, myopia and other eye diseases are more and more。There are about 400 million nearsighted people in the country, and presbyopia more than 1.300 million. 90% of those people need glasses。With the advent of digital life, the number is still rising。The business of eye care, eye disease prevention, correction and rehabilitation is growing rapidly。
       Ophthalmic technology is a major in the protection of eye vision health as the main content,A technical specialty in eye care, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation that integrates ophthalmology, optometry and vision services,The aim is to train the "medical and commercial" composite ophthalmic technical personnel integrating eye health technology, professional optometry and optometry skills, management and marketing。After graduation, students can work as optometrists, opticians, visual trainers, etc. in optometry clinics and opticians in hospitals at all levels, or work in the eyeglasses manufacturing industry。This is a fashion industry, but also a very popular industry。

Employment advantage:
       1.This major can obtain two professional qualification certificates of ophthalmic optometrists and glasses dispensing workers in rehabilitation and correction services in the newly issued "National Vocational Qualification Catalogue"。

       2.Employment channels mainly include hospitals (clinics), optometry centers, orthopedic centers, optician shops, training institutions, etc. Such units generally have comfortable working environment and superior geographical location。
       3.Matching jobs, high professional and technical content, respected and trusted: self-employment in this industry has the characteristics of low door seat, less investment, fast return and high profit。
       4.Less capital investment, low entrepreneurial risk, high profits。Laymen can not easily enter, studying optometry, you can easily enter the threshold of entrepreneurship。
Employment direction:
       You can apply for the national doctor qualification examination,Those who pass will be qualified as clinicians,Become an optometrist,In general hospitals, specialized hospitals at all levels of ophthalmology, optometry clinical outpatient clinic as optometry clinical diagnosis and treatment,Or optometry related research departments, glasses enterprises and various colleges and universities engaged in teaching, scientific research and other work,Or continue to study for a master's degree。

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