Transportation technology and service

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Professional Introduction:
       The major of transportation technology and service mainly studies the layout and construction of railway, highway, waterway and air transportation infrastructure, vehicle application engineering, traffic information engineering and control, and transportation operation and management。The transportation major aims to train transportation professionals who can research and produce transportation equipment, organize, plan and manage transportation production, and achieve economic and social benefits with an international perspective。

Employment advantage:
       Since the reform, China's railway, road, water transport and civil aviation transport modes have been rapidly developed, and with the continuous improvement of the degree of marketization of transport undertakings, the market competition between various modes of transport has also been fully developed。However, for many years, the transport market has been managed by different departments,Lack of unified master planning and policy guidance,The development of various modes of transport is very uneven,Highway rapid development,More than 200 billion yuan has been invested in recent years,Expressways have reached more than 30,000 kilometers,Ranked second in the world;Railway and water transport developed relatively slowly,Rail ridership has been stagnant for more than a decade,The transport share continues to decline,Road transport undertakes a large number of long-distance bulk cargo transport;The construction of comprehensive transport hubs connecting different modes of transport is seriously lagging behind,It is common for railway, road and water transport to compete blindly in the same source of passenger and goods。
       In the face of the new situation of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the new requirements of carrying out the scientific concept of development, the further development of transportation must take the road of conformal development based on improving the system coordination ability。首先,We must meet the overall needs of national economic and social development,Especially to meet the basic needs of economic and social development to circular economy, green economy, ecological economy and knowledge economy;secondly,It should meet the overall requirements of transport for sustainable economic and social development,Establish a safe, efficient, economical, coordinated and green transport system;third,The occupation of resources, damage to the environment and traffic casualties should be controlled within the scope permitted by the state,To achieve the harmony and unity of resources, environment and transportation。
       According to the characteristics of China's land, population, resource distribution and industrial layout,Comprehensively evaluate the cost effects of land occupation, energy consumption, transportation costs, environmental impact, and transportation safety caused by various modes of transportation,In the future, China's transportation should choose the strategic mode of "giving priority to the development of railways and promoting the coordinated development of railways and highways",It is necessary to get rid of the development shackles that currently rely too much on road transport,Nor should the emphasis on railway development undermine the development of other modes of transport。Its development ideas can be summarized as three points: through increasing railway investment,Accelerate railway development,Gradually increase the railway's share in the transport market and maintain it at a reasonable level;We will ensure the steady development of roads, water transport and pipelines,Achieve rapid development of air transport;Through incremental adjustments and stock upgrades,We will promote the division of labor and cooperation among various modes of transport in accordance with their comparative advantages in the process of development,The transportation structure and transportation layout tend to be optimized constantly。

Employment direction:
       After graduation, students can work in national, provincial and municipal urban and rural planning, public security traffic management, port transportation, international import and export, automobile insurance and sales departments from transportation planning, transportation facility design, transportation trade management, automobile service, etc。You can also work in the automobile aftermarket, transportation department, automobile transportation enterprise, railway transportation management department, subway transportation department, rail transportation management department, logistics enterprise, automobile manufacturing or modification enterprise engaged in engineering design, technical management, rail transit management, automobile and spare parts marketing, modification maintenance, test testing and other aspects。

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